Lifelong wellness reflective paper


Reflection Paper

This class has been a lot of fun. I enjoyed studying varying topics that relate to my continued health. I think the most interesting thing I learned was that my many years of experience have been years spent living and understanding the majority of the things we have discussed in this class. There were specific terms that I didn’t know or had forgotten but the principles of living well I have understood if not actually done.

I appreciated having to track my exercise. It didn’t teach me anything new but it was nice to have a chart. I was very surprised at some of the eating habits I had but not really anything shocking just more of a “oh yeah I ought to be more concerned about that” realization. My salt intake is annoying. I don’t salt anything and I like my foods to taste like what they are so I really don’t use salt at all and yet every day my salt intake was way over what it should be. I have started drinking a lot more water and I am glad of that change in my life because of this class.

The fitness appraisals were great. I had begun to think that I had become very inflexible as I had aged. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I still had some flexibility. Actually a lot more than I thought. It made me want to improve my flexibility so I do flexibility exercises as part of my regular exercise now.

Understanding more about psychological disorders made me more aware of the fact that all of us have imperfect psychy’s. I am more careful to not be frustrated by others problems, especially those in my family with mental problems.

The drug, alcohol, smoking, STD’s and cancer chapters were very long, hard and full of definitions that I felt like I didn’t need. Basic knowledge of these topics is important but in my lifetime I have never really needed to know any of the stuff we were expected to remember. If you have a promiscuous, riotous or unaware lifestyle you might need to know the things that could happen to you but even then there was just too much information that no one remembers ten minutes after the test. I will never have problems with any of these topics so for me it was a lot of work for information I will never need.

I liked the opportunity to look at my emergency preparedness and see if there was something I could improve. But again my years of life have made me already prepared so I don’t see a lot of change occurring because of this class. Still I think for the younger class members it was a good exercise.

I appreciated the immunity and infection chapter. I think it is a good idea to be aware of how we get germs. It made me want to keep up on the many vaccines that the medical profession finds to keep us healthy so that I can get the ones I should have.

I really enjoyed the aging interview. I thought it was a lot of fun to talk to someone older than me and hear what his life is like. I hope that I will continue to have a sense of humor about my aging like he has about his.

The most fun I had in the class was doing the true colors activities. It was really neat to see how well I fit into a color and even how the secondary color applied to my personality. It has made me more aware of the people around me and how I relate to them. It gives me a different layer of understanding that helps with communication.

I love learning and appreciate the fact that at my age I am doing it just because I can. I really loved this class and was glad I took it.


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