Reflections on Flexibilty Class


My goals in this class were to improve my range of motion in my hips, shoulders, knees and neck. I also was trying to improve my hydration level and lose more weight. I feel likes some of these areas have improved. Some however, not so much. I have been especially disappointed in the weight gain during the semester. I can attribute some of the gain to the steroids I was taking during some of the semester. I can also hope that some of it is muscle rather than fat. Not as much as I gained though.

My hydration continues to improve and I feel like I am turning it into a lifetime change which I am excited about. Remembering to drink fluids all day long when I get busy is a challenge but carrying my water bottle with me has made a difference. When I finish it off and fill it again in one day I feel really good about myself.

As I stated in my goals at the beginning of the class avoiding surgery on my knee is of primary concern to me. I really feel like that goal has far exceeded my expectation going in to the class. My knee has been hurting every day for years. Thanks to this class it has stopped hurting. I hardly ever notice it any more. I feel like my leg strength and flexibility has improved tremendously even though the flex tests don’t really show that improvement.

My shoulder however is another story. It has been in pain from the moment I started the class and because of my doctor’s instructions I haven’t seen any improvement. The good news is the pills I am on now give me an opportunity to work on it without pain for short amounts of time and I am confident that it will eventually improve too.

I really loved the class. That is why I have decided to audit it in the fall. Having a class during the week that gets students way from their desk and thinking about movement is great. I especially liked the variety of options. I liked that when there were levels of stretch you showed us how to make the stretch harder or easier.

Some of the things I noticed with this class was their inability to differentiate between strength training and flexibility. I think there could be more explanations about whether or not each individual movement is flexing/stretching muscles or strengthening them. I know it isn’t a classroom situation but somehow helping them see the difference I think needs to be incorporated into each day. Even helping the students to understand what aerobic exercise/warm up is and how important it is for improving flexibility I think was lost on this class.

With the teaching opportunity at the end I think if there was a way for you to review each groups plan before they presented so there would be less confusion about whether or not they were incorporating enough flex might be helpful.

Overall I had a great experience and thought the class was exceptional for all levels of flexibility.


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